Common Core - Building the Machine. A Must See Video/DVD! Check it out!

Summer is coming to an end....and the new school year is just about to begin!  It's  time that  all parents/grandparents start paying attention to the new standards by  which your loved  ones...our future...our  being taught!  Don't know about  Common Core?'s time to  hear the whole truth ...and nothing but the truth! 

Check  out this  documentary:  Building the Machine...a  documentary  about Common Core!  It's  a  must see video...but it's  just a start!   Now...get involved...go to the local School Board...ask questions...check out what your kids  are being required to read...what type of math  they are being  taught!   Get involved...cuz the Federal Government has decided that they  know  best...and want to control  the education  of all our kids!

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