Time to Speak Up America - Take Action - Make a Difference:

What Can Tea Party Patriots Do????? Take Action Now:
Between now and our next "gathering" we all must continue to take action to have our voices heard loud and clear by our lawmakers - at home and in Washington D.C. Recommended action that you can take:

1. Identify yourself as a "Tea Party" member/participant by wearing a "Tea Party" T-shirt and/or Tea Party button(s) - it's a great way to spread our message as well as to start a dialog with someone who wants to know more.

2. Call and/or write your congressman and/or senator: Congressman Sam Farr; Senator Diane Feinstein; Senator Barbara Boxer. Call each of them on every issue that concerns you and on which you wish to have your voice heard. If you don't call - how will he/she know that there are opposing views? Here is the contact information. Program the phone numbers into your cell phones/fax machines so that you can contact them often and before they pass those bills "under the radar":

Congressman Sam Farr: Tel: (202) 225 - 2861 Fax: (202) 225-6791
Senator Diane Feinstein: Tel: (202) 224-3841 Fax: (202) 224-3841
Senator Barbara Boxer: Tel: (202) 224-3553 Fax: (202) 224-0454

FYI: When you call - be sure to let them know which proposed bill you oppose. While your message is received ....I hear that letters or faxes are even more compelling! Speak Up! The minority interests who now control did...look where it got them!

3. Send a "Tea Party" postcard to your congressman/senator - Since Congress will not receive the Tea Bags that we have been mailing ....we will have "Tea Party" postcards ready for Tea Party participants to send to Farr, Feinstein, and Boxer ...after each Tea Party event. By sending a are telling them that you are watching the way that they vote....and you expect them to be accountable to you! (Note: Get your "Tea Party" postcards - which are ready for mailing - by sending an email to: They are available for pick up.)

4. Write letters to the editor - Speak up. The main stream media (MSM)is not doing its job of holding our politicians accountable. Write letters to The Herald and The Salinas Californian so that we can have an impact on our local voters and politicians; but don't forget to blog your opinion on the endless number of main stream media (MSM) website blogs, including the on-line Herald and Salinas Californian that exist out there! If you are interested in being on Monterey County Tea Party's education committee to help us write articles of interest for posting on the website - or on newspaper blogs, etc. - email:

5. Become involved and volunteer. If you are interested in getting involved and helping with the next rally or with any other activities - please let us know. We need you! Send an email to